South Carolina Lawmakers Challenge Donald Trump On Red Flag Gun Laws

“In light of the recent tragedies, anti-gun groups have been howling for politicians at every level to do something,” state representative Jonathon Hill, the lead signer of the letter, said in a statement. “There is a dangerous belief that more gun laws, such as due process shredding Red Flag laws, will protect individuals. The simple truth is anti-gun laws do not protect people. If lawmakers want to decrease these tragedies passing Constitutional Carry and eliminating so-called ‘gun free zones’ would go a long way.”

SC House Sidestepped Controversial Abortion Votes

Lucas’ ruling was promptly challenged by contrarian state representative Jonathon Hill, who appealed the ruling of the chair….The only problem? No recorded vote was ever taken….In other words, GOP lawmakers totally sidestepped three extremely difficult votes thanks to a highly questionable interpretation of the House rules.

From regulating vaping to tanning, are SC lawmakers becoming ‘helicopter parents’?

The key, Hill argues, lies in informed consent and parental involvement — not in blanket bans. “Make sure they’re not being endangered by false information or inadequate information, but I don’t think we can usurp the right a person has to make decisions for themselves,” Hill said.

Upstate rep kicked out of Caucus says he’s ‘officially not a swamp creature’

Hill, who is staunchly pro-life and gun rights, is frequently at odds with the other members of the caucus. He is known for his critical online commentary -- including criticism of his colleagues -- and even for giving out their phone numbers to angry constituents.

Letter: Education reform

It’s obvious that the S.C. House was acting out of desperation and hurried the legislative process for education reform. But four House members realized the folly of voting on a reform bill without giving ample time to completely think things through. Reps. Jonathon Hill, Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Wendy Brawley and John King opposed the bill.

'Attach your teeth to Sen. Graham's keister': Gun-rights group targets Lindsey Graham

Hill said he does not believe that protective orders will stop deadly shootings from happening. "No matter how many laws we have in place, somebody bad is going to get their hands on a gun and do something bad with it," he said. "I don't think we can prevent any and every mass shooting without also depriving everyone the ability to defend themselves."

Upstate lawmaker calls Sen. Graham a 'swamp creature,' denounces Graham's support of 'red flag' laws

“Red flag gun confiscation schemes…are egregious violations of the right to self-defense and the right to due process,” Hill said in a news release. “Senator Graham is advancing legislation that represents an un-American departure from the idea that you are ‘innocent until proven guilty.’”

House, Senate chambers sitting on huge reserves while seeking more tax dollars

The House and Senate each want $250,000 more in their respective chamber budgets for “other operating expenses” next fiscal year. As the full House debated the proposed, approximately $30 billion state budget last week, Rep. Jonathon Hill, R-Anderson, introduced separate amendments to reject the requested increases.

McCravy refutes portions of colleague's Planned Parenthood defunding account, but doesn't give specifics

The chairman of South Carolina’s Family Caucus is refuting allegations by a House colleague that he wasn’t willing to run point on the latest attempt at defunding Planned Parenthood through a budget proviso.

Education reform bill passes South Carolina House after bitter debate about class sizes

Rep. Jonathon Hill questioned whether the consolidation of small, under-performing school districts that have duly elected board members will lead to lawsuits. Hill also said the costs for individual school districts remain undetermined.

SC House: Major Fireworks Over Minor Procedural Matter

Rep. Jonathon Hill took strong exception to the way the appropriation was routed through the legislative process. According to Hill, GOP majority leader Gary Simrill lied to him about the funding item which was recalled for a vote before the full House. Hill said he “should have known better” than to trust Simrill.