Sign the Petition to FIX OUR ROADS!

How much more are you willing to pay for bad roads?

From 2008 to the present, road spending has nearly doubled. During that same period, the conditions of our roads have rapidly deteriorated. How did this happen?

It started nearly 20 years ago with an SCDOT initiative called "27-in-7." This program borrowed over $5 billion which would have to be paid back with interest. This money was spent on massive new interstate projects like the "Southern Connector" toll road.

Worse, SCDOT paid for this debt by robbing the maintenance budget, starting a ticking time bomb.

Spending vs conditions since 2008 (source: SCDOT)

That bomb has now gone off.

You see, when a shingle blows off your roof and causes a leak, it's pretty quick and inexpensive to replace that shingle. But if you do nothing, in a few years you're going to need a whole new roof.

That is exactly what happened to our roads. SCDOT stopped maintaining them, even though failing to do so would cause severe damage which would be very expensive to repair.

No wonder we have so many potholes everywhere!

As long as all the important decisions are not made by officials that you elect, roads will be held hostage to politics and this sort of thing will continue to happen.

It's high time to fire the bureaucrats you've never heard of, and make the Governor and the legislature do their job!

Sign the petition below to take politics out of road-making!

"As a constituent, I am not willing to spend more money in exchange for bad roads. I insist that you bring real accountability to SCDOT by abolishing the Transportation Commission and Infrastructure Bank and making SCDOT a cabinet agency under the Governor."
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