Keeping up our roads is one of the most basic things our state should do, but we’re doing a lousy job of it. We give DOT billions of dollars and yet they can’t get the job done. I don’t think we should reward incompetence and mismanagement with a raise! Trying to tax or borrow our way out of the mess will only give DOT more money to waste.

I support abolishing the Transportation Commission, which protects DOT from any real accountability. DOT should be a cabinet agency under the Governor. I have argued for this repeatedly in the House, and have brought other ideas to the table, such as giving last year’s budget surplus to the County Transportation Committees to improve state roads. As a result, the ACTC received and extra $7.5 million which will be used for badly-needed problem areas like Love’s Truck Stop in Fair Play.

We shouldn’t use crises like this as a ploy to get more power and more of your money, while pretending to fix a problem that just keeps getting worse and worse.