Aren't you tired of self-serving politicians running our state?

I am too! They love to explain to us how they know more, and how they can't get stuff done because of those other guys. They promise that if you "just trust them" and give them more money, things will get better. Does that drive you nuts?

That's why I ran for State House in 2014. My campaign promise to you is this: I'll work for you.


I will be respectful
and listen carefully without getting offended.

I will return your calls,
emails, and letters.

I will tell the truth,
even if it isn't nice.

I will work hard
and read the bills, enforce the rules, and speak out.

I will protect your liberty
and property by aggressively fighting bad laws.

Philosophy of Governance

  1. Every act of government is an act of force, and should be used sparingly.
  2. Lawmakers are subject to a higher law, given by a higher Lawmaker, who is God, our Creator.
  3. If it is in the yellow pages, the state should not do it.
  4. There is nothing honorable about being charitable with other people’s money.
  5. Socialism is bad, very, very bad.

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