Meet Jonathon

As a tea party activist, I learned that most politicians really only care about getting re-elected, so they do as little as possible, and try not to take risks. I got so sick of RINOs “explaining” why we couldn’t have the reforms we asked for.
— Rep. Jonathon Hill

Jonathon and Amanda live in Townville, SC with their dog, Argos, and parrotlet, Cora

Born in Anderson, SC, Jonathon spent his growing up years in the rural Upstate town of Donalds. There he was home educated, skipped college, and taught himself software development.

Jonathon has been successful professionally. His resume includes tech firms in Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, and Silicon Valley.

In 2008, Jonathon entered politics as a campaign volunteer, and shortly after started the Anderson TEA Party. This experience proved to be quite the education in South Carolina politics.

Jonathon and Amanda met in 2014 shortly after his first election. He was lucky enough to convince her to move down from Michigan and marry him. They were married after Christmas of 2015.