S.47 - Police Body Cameras

This bill requires state and local law enforcement agencies to implement the use of body cameras. It also requires the Law Enforcement Training Council to conduct a study for the best policies for when and how body cameras should be used. I voted for this bill because it is both a deterrent to police brutality and a protection for law enforcement officers doing their job. 

H.4717 - Farm Aid Bill

This bill created the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund, which would give grants of up to $100,000 to farmers who lost at least 40% of their crops in the October 2015 flooding. I voted against this bill because we do not have the right to give money taken by government force as a handout to farmers, regardless of the worthiness of the cause. Read my in-depth explanation here (includes a video of my speech on the House floor on this topic). The bill passed the House 95-6 and was signed into law by the Governor.