H.3022, In Defense of Marriage

I've co-sponsored Rep. Bill Chumley's H.3022, in defense of South Carolina's constitutional and Biblical definition of marriage: a union between one man and one woman. You can hear a snippet from my speech a rally on the State House grounds on Saturday, Feb. 28th at the 15:21 mark.

This bill does the following:

  • No state or local taxpayer funds or governmental salaries may be paid for an activity that includes the licensing or support of same-sex marriage
  • No state or local governmental employee officially shall recognize, grant, or enforce a same-sex marriage license
  • If an employee violates this bill, the employee must not continue to receive a salary, pension, or other employee benefit at the expense of the taxpayers of this State
  • If a judicial officer violates this bill, that judicial officer is disqualified from office