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Press release: Jonathon Hill to Enter House District 8 Republican Primary


TOWNVILLE, SC -- On Monday, March 17th, Jonathon Hill will file to seek the Republican nomination for Representative of SC House District 8.

“The people of District 8 need a representative who will look after their best interests in Columbia instead of the best interests of their own political career,” said Hill. “Politicians love to talk about how they are ‘creating jobs,’ but in reality small businesses are being forced to prop up their competition with their tax dollars in corporate welfare schemes. We need to lower taxes and make South Carolina business-friendly for everyone.”

Jonathon Hill is a 29-year-old computer programmer from Townville, SC. In 2009, he organized the Anderson TEA Party out of frustration with the Bush and Obama stimulus measures. Jonathon is actively involved in the Anderson County Republican Party and has served as delegate to the last two SCGOP conventions.

“I’m running because things have grown steadily worse in South Carolina since the incumbent took office. After eight years, we spend more money and are deeper in debt than ever before--adding nearly a billion dollars of debt just last year.

“We’ve learned that this state is run by a handful of good-old-boy legislators and a cornucopia of unelected boards. Rather than commit to a proper, accountable balance of power, the incumbent seems quite content to take his cues from the establishment and enjoy the status quo. I’m running because the people of District 8 need someone who will fight for their tax dollars.”

Jonathon Hill may be reached at 864-245-5885 or on the internet at